Monday, March 7, 2011

22 Weeks

 I am still sporting a "B" (but it is getting closer to a "D").  I have a very, very, very deep "innie" belly button!  I have always had a lower belly.  And by always, I mean since early childhood.  I can remember school clothes shopping in 4th grade and my mom saying "I don't know why you have such a belly.  I never had a belly until after I had kids."  This exact statement was made multiple times in my life.  Yep, it's always been there.  I don't know why either--it couldn't have anything to do with how I was fed as a child!? :)  But I digress... so the lower belly has been there, but for most of my life the upper belly was relatively flat.  Even when it was flat (including at my skinniest), there was still a line around my belly button.  I don't know how it got so deep, but it is deep!  In my weekly email from the bump, it said that my belly button should be popping any day now.  I seriously laughed out loud.  I may just be one of those girls who's pregnant belly button never pops.  I'd be ok with that.

Here's a comparison shot for you just for fun
                            16 WEEKS                                          22 WEEKS
Same outfit---different accessories.  Oh, and a bump! :)

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: baby is the size of a papaya
At 22 weeks, the bump starts measuring the size of the baby by month.  I think she's going to be a papaya for a couple of weeks!  Babycenter does food analogies too, but some are just weird!

Total weight gain/loss: +12-12.4
I've been fluctuating all week, but either way, I lost a few ounces.

Maternity clothes: still a mix, but mostly maternity

Gender: It's a girl!  Olivia Grace is on her way!

Movement: I have felt lots of movement this week!  There were quite a few days where she was very active.  I am now positive that what I was feeling last week were kicks!  Her kicks are getting stronger.  We still haven't felt her from the outside though.  Every time I feel her kick, I try to feel it from the outside (so I know if I should try to have Michael feel for it when he's around).  As soon as I put my hand there, she stops kicking.  I'll wait... and wait... and when I take my hand away---you guessed it---she kicks!  Little stinker!  We shouldn't be surprised after all of her sonogram antics. :)  Hopefully Michael will get to feel her soon.  He's waiting very patiently.  The kicks seem to be back to where they were/should be, so I think she might have flipped.  Of course, she could flip back.  There is lots of time!

Sleep: I've had a pretty good week of sleep.  I still get up to pee, have trouble getting comfortable, and wake up with a back ache.  However, I've gotten some good stretches of sleep!  I haven't noticed any change in my energy since taking the thyroid medicine.  I'm guessing that the dosage is just too low.  There were two days this week where I was just exhausted.  I'm so thankful I can nap!

What I miss: sleeping on my stomach

Cravings: not much this week... it's been a pretty normal week as far as eating goes

Symptoms: I actually had a pretty mild week.  I didn't have any serious heartburn or acid reflux! Yay!  The one new symptom I've had is itchy skin.  It started Thursday.  I have been itching my belly lots.  It's because the skin is stretching, right?  I know I've heard of it (and seen preggo friends do it). 

Surprises: I'm still surprised that I am not bigger.  Even Michael says that he thought I'd be bigger by now.  Little Man's Nana and Papa have been in town for two weeks now and Nana keeps saying things like, "You don't look pregnant at all" and "I keep forgetting you are pregnant" and "Boy, you really wouldn't know you were pregnant by looking at you."  This is someone who has seen me every week for the past two and a half years.  On one hand, it sort of confirms what I've been thinking/feeling.  On the other hand, I want to say, "Did I really look like this 22 weeks ago?"  I sure hope not! :)  I'm sure it will be huge in no time though, so I'm alright with where I'm at.

Best moment of the week: feeling kicks

Fun Purchases: I ordered our bedding (from my mom) and it should be here soon.  Because of that, I also ordered the crib mattress.  I'm hoping to get things set up soon.


  1. My belly button never popped out for either kid! I have a deep belly button too..must be a genetic thing!

    You look adorable and don't wish to get bigger--when you do everything is harder to do!! Love you and can't wait to see you next month!!!

  2. My belly button never "popped" either, for any of my either it is a genetic thing on yours & Erica's side....or yours & mine from dad's side...or as I always say - everyone is different and won't experience the same event in the same way.

    You can tell your little Olivia bump is bigger - I see the looseness of the clothes have now gone away.

    I don't know how much bigger you want to be for 22 weeks - you look pretty right on target. Wait until 35+ weeks, you'll be wishing you were so "small." :~)

    Hope you're having a nice weekend break from the blog! love ya!