Saturday, March 26, 2011


One of the most asked questions I've gotten over the past few months is, "Have you guys found a church yet?"  Happily, I can finally say yes.  There was a time there where I just wasn't sure!

Church hunting is one of my least favorite things.  I do realize there isn't a perfect church out there.  I'm not looking for the perfect church.  I'm looking for a church to call home.  Unfortunately, today's church is just a mess to me.  Like with the rest of our fast paced, fast food, microwave lives, we want our church to do the same.  I say "we" when referring to society.  I personally don't.  That's the problem.  Michael and I are pretty traditional.  Young 30's who are traditional when it comes to churches is just unheard of.  Everyone in our generation wants a coffee house church where they can feel comfortable, be ushered in and out in no time, and move on with their day to day lives with no further thought.  I don't want a pastor who tip toes around issues like fragile eggshells as to not offend the people and keep the chairs crowded.  I want someone who is willing to step on toes (if necessary) in a sermon--challenge and convict.  Isn't that what it's about?  Shouldn't we be growing and learning instead of occupying a pew for an hour on a Sunday morning?  Maybe we need to re-read the Bible.  Christianity isn't suppose to be easy, feel good, and easily compromised.  That's why it's called "the straight and narrow".

There lies the problem.  Do we go to a church that has people our age, but is lacking in so many other areas that we find important?  Or do we go to a church that has the things we find important, but not very many people our age... because our age is at the coffee house church making themselves feel better.

Thankfully, we found a church that was a good compromise.  We purposely set out to find an Assemblies of God church.  It's not that I believe "my denomination is better than your denomination".  It's that I grew up in the AG and I know what to expect.  I know what they believe.  There are people governing them, instead of just a group of people doing things their way.  It has the programs for kids that I am familiar with.  Things like church camp, youth convention and youth group are what I accredit for me being where I am today.  I want my children to have the same thing.  I want to know that when my kids go play at a church friend's house, their parents have the same views as me.  (It's been my experience, even without kids, that at some non-denominational churches, views are WIDE and FAR apart).

We've visited this new church twice and really like it.  It's a little bit further out than we had hoped, but I'm willing to drive for a good church.  Last night the young adults got together for a fun little gathering.  We went bowling, to dinner and out for frozen yogurt (which is literally on every corner here).  Michael and I had a really good time.  The people are our age.  They were nice and friendly.  We felt comfortable almost right away.  It was nice to spend 4 hours on a Friday night with other people our age that shared our values and ideals.  They get together about once a month for hang outs and such.  They also have a life group that meets once a month.  We probably won't be able to make all of them with Michael's work schedule, but we look forward to being part of a group and a church where we can get involved and be at home.


  1. So glad this important issue is settled for you and that you have found a good place to raise your little one.

  2. finding a good church is hard! We had that issue too. It only took 3 churches to find our home. you might call it "coffee house" as the setting/look appears that way--but I will say don't generalize all "coffee house churches" as one. Ours is not as you described. We aren't ushered in and ushered out and our pastor certainly doesn't tip toe around anything (which I agree, I HATE THAT!!!). We also are big on serving of our main focuses, and we do LIFE groups during the week and many church activities to support each other and give to our community. Just pointing that out..funny you mentioned it, because our pastor was speaking on this just the past few weeks, how churches are getting too comfortable and all about numbers and stuff and how we (our church) need to get uncomfortable and start living the truth---thankfully there are still some churches out there that feel this way, sadly, a lot of the churches are the problem. They get too "worldly" too....anyway...glad you found a church that you feel will be your home!!! Can't wait to see you soon!!

  3. It's not that have a problem with all aspects of "coffee house churches". In fact, I've attended a few. I don't oppose having coffee in the lobby, dimmed lights, and everyone in jeans (although I do question where the reverence went!). My problem is the concept behind MOST coffee house churches. I have a problem with the goal of being "seeker friendly". I have a problem when the word/values/principals are compromised. I did generalize, and maybe I shouldn't have. However, I have visited more churches than I can count in MULTIPLE states and unfortunately the norm for these type of churches is exactly what I explained. I'm not saying their aren't some good ones out there. In fact, the church we attended in Ohio had that laid back/young adult feel. The church we chose here has dimmed lights and the pastor in jeans. BUT, the word was/is always the word. So it may be a generalization, but I don't think you can argue that "comfortable, make me feel good on Sunday" church is more common than not... the usual... the majority... the norm.

  4. Nope, I agree that most churches are that way, most definitely!
    I think our old church in Indy was heading that way...I know on some FB statuses I heard that the pastor used the "A" word in a sermon, The context was different, not calling someone that, or whatnot, but just reading that was said, made me uncomfortable...So yes, I agree that YES most churches are getting WAY too comfortable..I just wanted to defend my little church, since they aren't that way! :)

  5. Finding a church is definately hard. Unfortunately, some pastors are afraid of being labled and prosecuted for "hate" speech...ours was at the Hartford AoG, it was one of the turning points to us leaving.

    I may not be the "best" Christian in the world (ok, ok - I am far from that) but I believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, that the Bible is the living word of God. One of the things I am looking forward to with the move to Georgia is we'll be in Bible belt territory - so I should be able to find a good church home that preaches the Word with conviction, praise and accuracy - along with one that believes in the gifts of the Spirit. Until then, Austin & I enjoy Adrian Rogers as often as we can (2-5x's/week) and visit local churches here, though I've not been committed to any since leaving our AoG. Sad really...but my story isn't for your blog. Looking forward to visiting one day.