Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

We went to the outlet mall with our friends back in January.  There were so many good deals on children's clothing, but we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl yet.  It was hard to resist, but we did.

Michael fell in love with a few onesies at Old Navy.  Can you guess what they were?  Superman and Batman... both in girls colors and traditional boys colors.  He vowed to get them once we found out the sex.

We went back to the outlet mall last month.  Old Navy still had the onesies, but they weren't really on sale.  We both agreed that $12.50 for one onesie was a little steep since we were finding other deals for $3 and $4.  He wanted me to "register" for them.  Yeah... I'm not registering at Old Navy for two onesies, buddy! :)

Well that takes me to last week.  I went to Old Navy looking for maternity pajamas.  They had none.  So, of course I had to wander the kids clothes section.  I came across some pajamas that I knew Michael would love.  I sent him a picture and his one word response was "YES!"

They were on sale for $10.50.  I've heard over and over that you can never have enough pajamas.  People love to buy you cute clothes, but no one buys you pajamas.  (Hence, one of the reasons I like to give pajamas as a gift!)  I figured it couldn't hurt.  I got one in a size 6 to 12 months and one in a size 12 to 18 months.  Turns out they were on clearance on top of the sale price.  I got them for $7.50 each.  I thought that was a deal.

I found a few other things on the clearance rack.  I got a hoodie for $2, a shirt and pants outfit for $4, and a dress and bloomer set for $5.  I was ready to leave and then it hit me that I should check to see if they had the onesies that Michael wanted.  THEY DID!  Plus, they were on sale.  The sale wasn't great, but I figured there was little Michael cared about when it came to clothing.  I had to get them.
Again, I got varying sizes.  She will go from one super hero right to the next.  Oh, and I had to get jeans to match! :)  Daddy is super happy to be having a girl.  He's going to be loving her in her super hero gear!


  1. oh my word I love those!!!! SO true w/ the PJ thing, I think Molly never has enough, Ryan has A TON and they get used that's for sure! I might have to check out Old Navy, sounds like you got some good deals!

  2. Very cute and even matches your pink superman shirt...I see an adorable family picture in your future... you could even do the cape!

  3. Wow! Just catching up on your blog today - Hmmm, good thing I got you PJ's...since you'll never have enough. :~) I know they weren't on your registry - but I like to pick things out myself as well. I figured you could do something "creative" to make the "Kiss me Goodnight" plaque match Olivia's room in some way....again, not on the registry but I thought it was cute.

    Anywho....these are really awesome! Love the heart batman. Good for you for picking them up "for" Michael - daddy's need that.