Wednesday, March 2, 2011

List o' fun-- Storytimes NOT at the library

Library story times are great.  I already told you how much I loved the library that Little Man and I use to go to.  The American Library Association has a "Every Child Ready to Read" initiative, so the librarians are trained and mindful of what kind of activities they choose.  Story time at the library is not what it use to be.  It's not read one book and you're done.  They do singing, finger plays, puppets, rhymes, lessons using the felt board and so much more.  It's all meant to reinforce early literacy skills.

But....... sometimes you can't make it to story time.  Or...... you want to do more than just go to the library once a week.  Well, there are a few options out there.

First, there is a story time at Barnes and Noble
The Barnes and Noble story time may not be as in depth as the library one, but it's still pretty good.  It lasts about a half hour.  They still read and sing and some of the ones I've been to have offered a snack and crafts!!!  Most stores offer a story time twice a week, but you'll have to check your local store for days and times.  Just like with the libraries, you'll want to shop around.  We had 3 in the Columbus area that I tried out, and I liked one way better than the other two.  It all depends on who is working in the children's department.  Some people are just better at it that others.  Another perk is that you can get your Starbucks coffee and sip on it while your kiddo is having fun.  Also, most B&N have a train table in the kids section.  You can stay after story time or come before and extend your trip out of the house some.  On top of story time, Barnes and Noble has special kid events on Saturdays sometimes.  They have "guests" like Clifford the Big Red Dog or Dora and Diego come.  I've never been to these since I don't work on a Saturday, but I would have taken Little Man if I did.

The second place you can go for a story time is Pottery Barn Kids.  Yep, it's true!
As far as I know, it's every Tuesday (no matter the store).  The website says from 11 to 11:30, but it was 10 at the one in Columbus.  You may want to check with your store ahead of time.  Also, the story time at the store we went to never lasted 30 minutes!  It was more like 10.  I always coupled it with playing at the mall playground.  The perk is you get a "passport" on your first time.  Every time you go you get a stamp.  After 5 stamps you get a "prize", which is actually a 20% off coupon.  (Unless they changed it!)  So if you want something at Pottery Barn kids, it may be worth it! :)  They also have special events, but this varies by store.

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