Friday, March 4, 2011

PSA: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

As an early elementary teacher, I love children's books.  I woulds say I have at least 500 books.  My kids won't need to go to the library from ages 4 to 6! :)  There are so many good ones... cute ones... funny ones.  Love!  When I was teaching, I had an author of the month.  Each day (usually after lunch recess to calm down) we would read a book from the same author.  We would talk about what an author is and what an illustrator is.  I would tell the kids that they can go to the library and ask the librarian how to find books by an authors name and the librarian could help them.  Think--if there are 5 days in a school week and about 4 weeks in a month, each author had to have 20 books (minimum).  I have 20+ Franklin books, 20+ Arthur books, 20+ Berenstain Bear books, and on and on.  One author that both the children and I loved was Eric Carle.  He has lots of popular books, but the most popular is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Right now, Kohl's has select Eric Carle books and stuffed animals on sale for $5 each as part of their Kohl's Cares program.  I have tons of his books (including some hardcovers and TVHC), and we registered for a board book of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for Olivia.  When I saw the stuffed caterpillar I had to have it.
Seriously.  How cute is it?  I love it!

There are a few others to choose from.
If you have a little one, I strongly encourage you to go and pick up these books if you don't have them.  $5 for a hard covered book is an amazing deal... and to have it be an Eric Carle book is just a huge bonus!