Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said...

Ok, I didn't call her.  I went to see the doctor yesterday.  Here's the scoop:

* My blood pressure is still good.

* I got the OK to travel to Ohio in a few weeks.  (which I knew wouldn't be a problem)
She told me to just make sure I move my legs around a lot and get out of the car to stretch often.
Pregnant women are more susceptible to blood clots.

* Olivia's heart rate was 160.

* She wasn't concerned about my weight gain, so neither am I! :)

* She said going to the chiropractor while pregnant is pretty normal.  She gave me a guys name.  Now I have to wait for insurance to kick in and then see if he's in my network.  She said if going to a chiropractor doesn't work, they have an in house physical therapist that I could go to.  She also recommended maybe trying to sleep in a recliner instead.

* I'm suppose to go back in 4 weeks, but because I will be out of town for my shower, I am going back in 3.  My next appointment is April 12th.  I will have an ultra sound that day to see if my placenta has moved.  I will also have my 1 hour glucose test that day.  Yuck!  Since I am over 30, overweight, and have a history of diabetes in my family--I am not holding out hope of passing it.  We'll see.

* I said I thought she had flipped and is no longer breech.  My doctor said they don't even worry about that until 35 weeks.  Up until then she could flip flop every week!

* She asked me if I had noticed any difference with the thyroid medicine.  I said that it was marginal at best.  She said that's pretty common.  Lots of times, (non pregnant) women think that by getting on thyroid medication they will start to shed the weight faster (because thyroid issues can make you gain weight).  She said that's just not the case.  It may make it slightly easier to lose the weight, but that's about it.  She also said that I will most likely be on the medicine the rest of my life--since my mom, grandma and aunt all have been on thyroid medication and/or have had thyroid issues for years.  This does not surprise me, but doesn't really thrill me either.

* I will see her again at 28 weeks (or 27 because of vacation).  After that I will go to every 2 weeks.  Then at 36 weeks I will see her every week.

Overall it was a very basic and quick check up.  She's happy with everything.  For now, we continue on as usual.

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