Friday, October 11, 2013

Old Wives Tales

I haven't been on the bump much this time around, but I am still part of the June 2011 group.  (Although we've moved from the bump to Facebook.)  Lots of the June mamas are pregnant again and talk of old wives tales have taken over.  Since I did a post about them with Olivia, I thought I'd go ahead and do it again this time.  Of course, it's all just for fun.  I don't put a ton of stock in any of them.  Here we go....

Chinese gender chart: WRONG!  I tried out two (just in case) and both said it was a girl.  It was also wrong with Olivia.

Heart rate: WRONG!  If it is below it 140 it is suppose to be a boy.  It has never been even close to 140.  It's been in the 150's and 160's each time.  It was correct with Olivia.

Carrying high or low: ????  This one always baffles me.  I never know if I'm carrying high or low.  I feel like I'm carrying exactly like I did with Olivia... at least at this point. 

Cravings: CORRECT!  If you crave sweets, it is a girl.  This was correct with Olivia.  If you crave meat or salty it's a boy.  Definitely want meat!

Even or odd: WRONG! If the age of the mother at conception and the year of  conception are both odd or both even, then it's a girl.  If one is odd and one is even then it's a boy.  I conceived at age 33 in the year 2013.  For the record, there are only 10 days each year where my age and birthday won't be the same so I'm thinking this one wouldn't work out much. 
Acne: CORRECT!  I have had some, but it hasn't been unbearable.  It was awful with Olivia.

Morning sickness: WRONG!  I had the exact opposite.  I had zero morning sickness with Olivia and had 12 weeks of it with Logan.

Weight gain:  ???  If you have a basketball under your shirt, it's a boy.  If you gain all over, it's a girl.  I haven't gained all over, but I certainly don't look like I have a basketball under my shirt either.

Husband's weight gain:  CORRECT! If your husband gains weight too, it's a girl.  If not, it's a boy.  He remains the same usually, so I don't think he's gained any.

Emotions: WRONG!  If you are moody, you are having a girl because you have all her hormones in you.  If you are happy then it's a boy.  My pregnancies have been the exact opposite.  I wasn't moody at all with Olivia, but am much more emotional/moody this time.

Sleeping on the left or right: WRONG! If you prefer to lay on the left it's a boy.  I do a lot of tossing and turning, but definitely sleep on my right more often.

Baking soda: WRONG!  If you pee in some baking soda and it fizzes it's a boy.  If it doesn't fizz it's a girl.  All the bump girls were trying it out, so I gave it a whirl before we even knew.  Most of them said it was correct based on their pregnancies. There was absolutely NO fizz for me.

I guess it's a good thing that I don't put too much stock in this kind of thing since the majority of them were wrong for me.

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