Thursday, October 10, 2013

Acorn Craft

After playing with our fall sensory box, we kept with the theme and did a fall related craft.

Adding texture to a craft is always fun.  I found a similar idea to this on Pinterest and we just went with it.

First, I drew and cut out a simple acorn on white paper.  Then I gave Olivia some brown markers and she went to work.

Once she had colored all that she actually wanted to, I put glue all over the picture.  I demonstrated how to put a bean on, and then let her at it.
She went right to it.  It's great fine motor skill practice!

I had to encourage her to keep going at a few points.  I thought she would be a little more interested than she was.  She got glue on her fingers and she wasn't a fan, so it was very distracting! :)

Sh e eventually just grabbed the beans a handful at a time and started dropping them on the acorn.  I guess that works too.

The finished product
I glued it on to a piece of construction paper.  It got a little heavy.

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