Tuesday, October 8, 2013

22 weeks, Baby #2

and just for fun...
Pretty similar!

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: baby is the size of a papaya

Total weight gain/loss: +8.2

Maternity clothes: mostly maternity

Gender: BOY!
Movement: I have felt lots of movement this week!  There were quite a few days where he was very active.  I have felt it from the outside, but Michael hasn't yet.  It's not consistent enough for him to get the chance.  I've felt movement every day this week.

Sleep: It's not great.  I am back to napping most days because my night time sleep is so rough.  Michael isn't sleeping great either, and when he doesn't sleep it makes me have a restless night (whether he stays in bed or gets up).

What I miss: sleeping

Cravings: Just like last time, I haven't come up with any crazy food combos or intense cravings.  Although when people mention food on Facebook, it sometimes makes me want to eat that food.  A few different people online mentioned eating a random Big Mac.  While that sounded good (I haven't had one in years), it took my mind to a whopper and that sounded REALLY good.  So Michael went and got me one for lunch that day.

Symptoms: tired, emotional, back pain, hip pain, shortness of breath, getting harder to bend over, some nesting

Surprises: I am surprised at how much my pregnancies have been alike.  As I go back and read the same week with Olivia's pregnancy, a lot of things are happening at the same exact time.  On the flip side, I'm also surprised that I had NO emotional/hormonal issues while pregnant with Olivia (and they say it's common for girl pregnancies), but am having it now with my boy pregnancy.

Since I have relatively easy pregnancies, I tend to think I can just keep on keeping on as usual.  Until I sit down at 6:30 and my whole body rejoices and simaltaniously wants to fall asleep.  Then I am reminded that I might have done a bit too much that day.
Best moment of the week: feeling kicks

Fun Purchases: Well, I told you last week that I wanted to start checking things off my list.  That I did.  One of the things we did this week was register at BRU.  I am not anticipating a shower (this probably sounds odd to my Texas friends), but if you register you get a 15% off coupon for anything left on the registry towards the end of your pregnancy.  Plus, if it was on your registry, you have a year to take it back without a receipt.  So it was more for my mental peace.  I just wanted it all listed in one place.  Even still, I didn't put everything on there.  But I did put a general starting point and can add to it later.

I also purchased a few things.  Some of them were just small things and by purchasing them now I could check them off my list--mittens, a pack of pacifiers, pacifier clips, newborn pants to go with the onesies I got at consignment sales, and some socks and bibs (I don't like to buy them used!).

Then I went to Target later in the week and they had a few things on my list on sale--newborn diapers, breastmilk bags, and nursing pads.  One nice thing about Target is that if I use my Red Card debit card, I get another 5% off. It comes out of the same exact bank account as my normal debit card, so why not!

I am trying to just stick to the minimums.  For example, I didn't buy/register for a ton of different brands of pacifiers. I got a two pack and that is all I plan to get for now.  I got a two pack of mittens and that will do as well.  I can always get more after he is here if needed.  Right now I just want the basics.

Besides marking things off my list, it is nice to split up the cost. A little this pack check, a little the next pay check, and by February we will be ready for him to make his entrance. :)

I plan to register at Target too.  Mostly because they give you a pretty sweet goodie bag (better than when I had Olivia!), and you also get the same 15% completion coupon.

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