Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finding Nemo Quotes

Olivia got Finding Nemo as a birthday gift from friends.  We watched it almost right away.  It sort of kept her attention, but she wasn't yet in love.  Fast forward a few months and it got put in the car DVD player rotation after our move.  It was an instant hit.  She watched it over and over (in short 20 minute drive increments), and would ask for it if we took it out and switched it with something else.  In one months time she has collected some Nemo toys and is able to quote practically the entire movie.  It's pretty funny.

Sometimes she asks questions related to the movie.  Questions she knows the answer to, but it's a weird way how she twists things in her mind.  (She does this with most things-not just Nemo.)

**  "Does Nemo live in an anemone?"

**  "Does Dory speak whale?"

**  "Is Nemo going to get flushed down the toilet?"

Sometimes she will just straight up quote the movie.  Only she usually changes it to fit so it makes it sound like she is talking.  Impressive if you think about it.

**  "What's wrong with her?  Why is she shaking the bag?"

**  "Just keep swimming" Sometimes she adds that Dory said that.

**  "It's not funny!  And I know funny!  I'm a clown fish!"

**  "I am so ready to get out. So ready to taste the ocean."

**  "Sandy Plankton?  You think I traveled the whole ocean and don't know as much as Sandy Plankton!?"

**  "How about we play a game?  I'm thinking of something orange."

**  "I suffer from short term memory loss.  You've got to be kidding me.  No. It's true.  It runs in my family.  At least I think it does."

**   "A fish can really breath out here."

**  "Guess what?"  Me: "What"  "Sea turtles.  I met one.  He was 150 years old."

Other times she takes a quote from the movie and somehow twists it to work with what she's doing.  It almost always gets a laugh or two.  For example...

She asked Michael's mom: "Grandma, are you my conscience?"  And I had to explain that it came from the movie.

She walked into the living room where we were all sitting and just said, "So there was a mollusk and a (see) cucumber...."  and it literally sounded like she was about to deliver a great joke. :)

When she is getting in trouble and getting talked to in a stern voice, she clenches her fists and burrows her brows and says, "I can swim fine!"

Multiple times now she has said, "Trust me on this."  Me: "Trust you?"  "Yes. Trust. That's what friends do."  It always appears to be at an appropriate time, which makes us laugh.

But my all time favorite so far is this.....  I asked her for a kiss and hug.  She said no (typical).  So I bowed my head and pretended to cry.  She grabbed my face in her hands and said, "It's OK Mommy.  It's a complicated emotion." I literally laughed so hard that I really was crying then!

Yep.  Those are all direct quotes.  There are probably more, but I lost track.  Do you think she's seen it enough?  Actually, she was quoting it after only a few times through, but now she is obsessed with it.  There are worse things in the world, I think.

They are working on a sequel.   Unfortunately, it's not suppose to come out until Fall of 2015.  I'm not sure she'll still be in love the way she is now.

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