Thursday, October 17, 2013

Creepside Festival

We checked out a local fall festival last night.  It was at Creekside in Gahanna, which is a cute little updated part of the city that always has street festivals and activities going on.

The kiddos were suppose to come dressed up an could get candy from all of the vendors.  I spent the day running around with Olivia to get her a costume, only to have it literally fall apart as we put it on.  So frustrating.  It will be returned tomorrow, so I'm not sure what she'll be now...

Don't mind the upside down wings... she had just gotten out of the stroller and I slipped them on and took the picture before Michael pointed out that they were upside down.  Ooops!

We got a few pieces of candy from the vendors, but it was kind of crowded so we didn't bother.

She played a few games, but was more interested in the fountain in the middle of our walkway.

Then we headed to the path that was put on by the school I use to teach at.  A lot of my former little cuties were now big guys and they were part of the volunteer team.  I got called "Miss Gjertson" a lot, and heard a few squeals of "I just saw Miss Gjertson!".  That was fun. :)

Refusing to turn around and smile for a picture. :/

Putting some rings on water bottles.  It's fun when you are two... you gt to stand as close as you want and try as many times as you'd like.

Picking out her candy (from a former student of mine)

Choosing a duck.  She got one with a 3 on it!  3 pieces of candy for mommy and boppa!

Tossing bean bags

Olivia had just enough energy to make it through the kids trail.  She slept until 10 in the morning, so I thought skipping a nap would work.  It didn't.  Either way, we had a good time.  The weather was perfect, too.  Ahh, fall! :)

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