Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boo At The Zoo

We went to Boo at the Zoo this weekend!  It was our first time attending this event, so we weren't really sure what it would be like.

I fully intended on dressing Olivia in her costume, but it was so cold when we went that we aborted that mission and just stuck to regular, warm clothing.
When we walked in we saw all sorts of pumpkins hanging to decorate the trees.

Olivia loved all of the animal pumpkin blow ups!

The day we went was the absolute last day to check out the dinosaur exhibit.  We had tried to check it out when we were there for Jack Hanna's anniversary, but the wait was 45 minutes long.  Olivia likes to play with dinosaurs and she watches Dinosaur Train every once in a while, so we thought she might enjoy it.  We got in free to the zoo because of our membership, so paying $2 each for the boat ride was worth the extra little treat.
There were dinosaurs to see as we walked down the path to the boat.
She wasn't too sure, so we just kept saying nice things about them. :)

Sloooowly moving towards the water.

Watching intently

After the ride we just walked the zoo and hit up any candy stations that we saw.  I think they said there were 20.  We didn't make a point to go to each one, because at this point Olivia doesn't even care.  In fact, we were right by 3 or 4 and she just flat out refused to get candy.
We did make sure to see Dory!

We eventually called it a night when it started getting dark and it was clear that the collection of candy was not a draw for her any more.  I'm sure she will like it more and more each year.

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