Tuesday, October 15, 2013

23 Weeks, Baby #2

Yes, I am aware that I am looking rough.  If I didn't have a doctor's appointment, I probably wouldn't even have dressed.  My breakfast didn't stay down, and then I could barely eat lunch because of having severe heartburn.  Blah!  Looking cute was the least of my worries.

My thyroid medication has to be taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  Then I cannot eat dairy until 4 hours after taking it.  I am especially sensitive to it when pregnant (both pregnancies), so even the smallest bit of butter or cream or anything will cause me to throw up everything I just ate.  The annoying part is that all that sounds good to me for breakfast are things with dairy in them. UGH!

How far along: 23 weeks

Size of baby: baby is the size of a papaya (still)
At 22 weeks, the bump starts measuring the size of the baby by month.  

Total weight gain/loss: +7.2
I lost exactly a pound?!?!  I have no idea how that happened!

Maternity clothes: mostly maternity

Gender: It's a BOY!

Movement: He has been moving a lot this week.  He was especially active on Friday!  Michael tried to feel him the other day, but he couldn't.  Logan kicked his hand 3 times, but it wasn't strong enough for Michael to feel.  However, last night I as I was sitting and typing I saw my belly move, so I knew it had to be strong enough for Michael to feel.  He finally did feel Logan kick/move!! :)

Sleep: Pretty much the same... it is really hard for me to fall asleep most nights.  Once I'm asleep though, I do alright.

What I miss: sleeping, food that sounds good
Cravings: Not much.  Steak still sounds good.

Symptoms: heartburn, insomnia

Surprises: I remember having a really long list of things I put in my hospital bag.  I remember buying items for it along the way.  I was anticipating having another lengthy list of needs.  I went through and looked at my old list.  I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that I will only need to buy a few last minute items (snacks, a magazine, etc.).  Most of the rest I have or have decided I won't need.  I love my lists!

I would also say losing a pound was a bit of a surprise.  I was expecting to jump up at least a pound or 2.

Fun Purchases: I didn't do much this week, but I did get a bottle brush and a few boy teethers and rattles.  I made a small purchase on Amazon, since the prices for a few of the items were cheaper there than BRU or Target.


I had my check up at the doctor.

*I only gained a pound (per their scale) since I was in 4 weeks ago.  She is actually really pleased with my weight gain.  I had gained 15 pounds by this point with Olivia (which still wasn't bad!) and she said 7 is a much better number.

*My blood pressure was good.

*I blacked out on Saturday morning, so we had to discuss that.  She's not sure why, but she is thinking it was blood sugar thing--which is what I figured.

*I got a refill of my thyroid meds, but she said that I need to get a primary care doctor.  When I am not pregnant, she won't be monitoring my thyroid.  This was weird to me since I've only ever had my OB do it.  Oh well.

*She is still convinced that I had gestational diabetes at the end of my pregnancy last time and she is concerned that I will get it again.  I sure hope not!  I have to do the glucose test the next time I go in, but until then I am just suppose to watch what I eat.

*I measured at exactly 23 weeks.

*Logan's heart rate was good and strong in the 160's.  She said, "he's moving around in there!". :)

That pretty much summed it up.  I spent more time sitting and waiting in the melting hot room than I did actually talking to the doctor.  I guess that's how it goes.

My next appointment is in 4 weeks.

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