Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween at The Little Gym

We returned the faulty bee costume, and then went with a better quality one from a different store.  It cost less too, which was a bonus!  She first wore it to her Little Gym class on Friday.  In Texas they have a Halloween party one night.  Here, you just wear your costume to class and get a sticker on the way out.

Olivia had all the adults in the class cracking up.  She was SO excited to see everyone in their costumes.  She just kept running from kid to kid saying, "Look! It's Minnie Mouse.  That's funny!" and "OH, she's a lion! That's funny!".  On and on it went.  She was especially happy to see one of the boys in a monkey costume.

The headband didn't stay on.  This does not surprise me.

She loves being a bumblebee.  At least this costume will last us the few times we need to wear it.  The other one had 5 safety pins in it in the first 20 minutes. Cuter, but not practical.  

Let the festivities begin........

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