Thursday, October 3, 2013

Three Bags Full-Johnstown/Croton

I went to my third consignment sale last week.  I really debated about this one.  It was a 45/50 minute drive.  I went back and forth about going, but decided that it would bother me not knowing what it was like.  I don't go to every single sale I come across.  However, this one was suppose to be "the biggest sale" around.

I'm not going to lie--I was disappointed. (Anyone noticing a theme here?)  I didn't go right at the opening.  I think it opened at 9.  I arrived at around 11.  I should have went to the girls section first, but the boys was right where I walked in so I started there.

There was a ton of stuff.  It still wasn't as big as some of the ones I've been to in Texas, but it was a decent size.  Unfortunately, a LOT of the stuff was stained.  The sales in Texas have very strict rules about this and they go through the pieces and look, so when every other piece I picked up had puke on it--I was a little frustrated.  Also, some items were WAY overpriced.  There was a lot of stuff that was just crap.  Even so, I got a fair amount for Logan.  I got all of 2 things for Olivia.  Even that was a stretch.

Not all of the baby clothes were my taste, but some were bundled together.  For example, the 4 long sleeve onesies on the left were all grouped together for $3.  So even if he only wears 2 of them, it was still a good deal.

He got--2 cotton newborn sleep sack type sleepers, 1 fleece sleep sack sleeper, 4 sleep and play type outfits, 7 long sleeve onesies, 1 Gap sweatshirt (striped), 2 sweaters (Gap/CP), one button up and one outfit.  Once again, I stuck to mostly newborn, 0 to 3 months, and a few 3 to 6 month.  I'm just not sure how fast he is going to grow.  Olivia was born at 8 pounds, 8 ounces, but lost a whole pound in the first week due to the severe jaundice.  She actually wore newborn clothes for her entire first month.  I'm trying not to go overboard.  It probably seems like I've been buying him a lot, but they are multiple sizes and should last the first 4 to 6 months at least.

Olivia got a shirt and a Children's Place fleece type outfit.

I spent $40 exactly for all of that.  So not necessarily that bad, but I probably won't travel out that far again.

There are 4 more sales coming up to finish out this season. I am probably going to get to one of them.  Logan will likely be set, but whatever is left to get for Olivia will have to be bought at Once Upon a Child or during sales.  Luckily, about a fourth of her fall/winter stuff from last year still fits her.  Plus, we have still been having some nice days.  So we are just making due with what we have for now.  It's hard to know what we will need and what size she will be in in the next few months.

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