Monday, October 14, 2013

Jacquemin Farm Pumpkin Patch

There are at least 5 or 6 farms in our area to choose from for a little pumpkin patch adventure.  We won't be visiting them all, but I wanted to get to at least a few.

I use to take Little Man to Jacquemin Farms.  We went strawberry picking there, but we also made a visit there during the fall for pumpkins as well.  It is not nearly as big as some of the others, but that didn't bother me.  I just wanted to have a simple activity.  Olivia's two, so she doesn't know any different.

She was SO excited to go and get "a big pumpkin!".

Our first stop was the kids fun zone.  It was $6 for unlimited play, BUT kids 2 and under were FREE!  (I'm pretty sure the girl did not believe me that Olivia was 2, but whatever.)

There were a few inflatables, but there were lots of big kids in them.  Olivia noticed them and mentioned that they looked fun, but she didn't put up a fight when we redirected her to the corn box.

Then it was on to the hay maze

She climbed up and went down the slides over and over

She didn't want to leave, but we finally pulled her away to head to the hay ride.

She wasn't too sure about it at first.

I'm not sure if she was praying, or laughing, or quoting Nemo. :)

I was actually sort of regretting my decision to ride after the first few minutes.  I think all of my insides got rearranged!  Poor Logan. :)

The tractor dropped us off in the pumpkin patch.  We got to take as long as we wanted to pick out a pumpkin and then head back on the next tractor available.

A lady took a family picture on the hayride for us, but it was so bouncy.  Michael's eyes ended up being shut and Olivia wasn't looking anywhere near the camera.  So this is the best we got!

We picked our pumpkin and headed back.

I'm pretty sure Olivia had just as much fun picking up rocks as she did picking a pumpkin...

That was the end of our little pumpkin adventure.  It was sort and sweet, but just right for our Sunday afternoon.

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