Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thoughts on Texas

We've been here almost a month now.  It seems longer to me actually.  I have received numerous text messages, phone calls, facebook posts and messages, and emails asking things like "how's Texas?", "do you like it there?", "is it a culture shock?", and more.  I thought I'd share some of my thoughts and observations with you curious ones.

About two weeks ago we were sitting on the couch and Michael said, "Well, we've been here two weeks.  Do you like it?"  My answer was yes.  I asked him the same and he said yes.  A week later he said he wasn't really feeling homesick yet.  (Don't get me wrong--he does miss family and friends.  After hanging out with his friends in Ohio for one last time he thought he was maybe going to miss it more than he had thought.)  Then a few days ago we were walking into the mall and Michael said, "I really like it here."  I told him I was glad, because I didn't plan on moving back any time soon.  It was a lot of work just to get here!  I need a break!

All that to say... YES, we like it.  Everything is very nice.  Most things in our area are new.  The city is clean.  The roads are well maintained.  There is a large variety of places to eat, stores, and entertainment near by.  We like our apartment.  It's nicer than the average apartment.

There really hasn't been much of a culture shock.  Sure, some things are different here than in Ohio.  It's like that if you move from any state to another.  Each state does things their own way.  But there hasn't been anything all that weird or bizarre.

  • The water taste like dirt.  Seriously.  Not only does the water taste like dirt (which I get--different minerals), but the fountain drinks at restaurants tastes like dirt.  That I do not get.  I noticed it first at breakfast our first day here.  I got an orange juice out of a pitcher and almost gagged.  I thought it was just the OJ so I got an apple juice.  Nope.  Same thing.  Then I ordered a water when we went out for lunch and it all started coming together.  It tasted like roots.  Michael thought I was crazy.  He said it was some weird pregnancy thing.  When I saw K a few days later I asked her if she had any tap water yet.  She said no, but that G asked "why does this water taste like grass?"  Mmhmm.  It's NOT just me.  Little Man even came home from preschool one day saying they had apple juice, but it didn't taste like apple juice.  He said, "It tasted know... how your water tasted.  Like dirt!"  YES!  I know.  The bad thing is, even a couple lemon slices can't cover the taste!  I've been drinking bottled water, but when out to eat there are little options.  I'm sure I'll get use to it eventually.
  • It is not nearly as "country" here as everyone thinks.  Someone in Ohio said to us, "Anyone who makes fun of Texas has never been" and I think that's a pretty accurate statement.  It's beautiful here.  Although beautiful... I have yet to see a cowboy!  The only cowboy hat I've seen worn was on a State Trooper, and that's because it was uniform.  I think I've seen maybe one or two people wearing cowboy boots.  That's it.  I've really only heard a handful of "ya'll"s.  Hardly anyone has an accent.  Most people talk just like me.  The few that have had an accent weren't from around here.  Word is, the country scene is in Ft. Worth.  We've yet to make it there.
  • We've heard that the Dallas are is a huge melting pot of people.  Very few people around here actually grew up in the area, and of the transports, most aren't even from Texas.  That would probably explain the lack of accent.
  • There are more SUV's than pick up trucks.
  • I haven't found a Krispy Kreme yet, but there are a lot of places just called "Donuts".  Not very original, but my boss says they are "amazingly delicious" so I'll be trying some soon!
  • People drive faster and more aggressive here.  Who says the south is slow?
  • People are friendly.  I'll give you that.
  • It's colder than I thought it would be.  I've heard this weather is unusual, but I don't know.  When we visited, one of the ladies showing us an apartment said she only wore her coat about 7 times a year.  I'd like to find her and have a chit chat about lying.  It has definitely been nicer than Ohio, but some mornings have still been chilly.  (Like in the 20's and 30's).  Luckily, it usually warms up.  We have had a lot of days in the 50's.  There have even been days I don't wear a winter coat.  I can't complain about that. Yesterday was in the 70's!!  Michael was even in shorts.
  • When people find out we just moved here they immediately apologize for the summer heat.  This is starting to scare me.  Mostly because I am going to be a beached whale by then!
  • Even though it is chilly sometimes, and it has been rainy and cloudy a few days, the sun ALWAYS seems to find time to shine.  I'm not sure there's been a day where the sun hasn't been out... even if for just an hour or two in the afternoon.  Most days are sunny though.  It seems to be rainy on the weekends?!?
  • The sunsets here are like nothing I've ever seen before.  Breathtaking!
  • You can find a Taco place, a BBQ place, or a steak house almost anywhere.  I've also seen a large variety of frozen yogurt places to check out.  We have yet to do so, but I told Michael we need to try them all to find out which one is the best. :)

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