Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh how I love thee... (19)

...let me count the ways!

I love that I have a husband that will lovingly keep me in line!  Some of you are probably wondering why the heck anyone would say that, or are curious what exactly I mean.  Although I have calmed down a considerable amount compared to the person I once was, I know that I can still at times be dramatic or over passionate.  I realize that sometimes I may let my emotions get in the way and cloud my view of a situation.  I appreciate that in these times Michael can say "that's not really how it went" or "I didn't think it was as big of a deal as you are making it".  Don't get me wrong, I may not like it at the time he is disagreeing with me.  I like people to see things my way! :)  But I also don't want to be a brat or have people agree with me just for the sake of agreeing with me.  I don't need to be pacified, coddled, or indulged.  If I'm wrong or making a fool of myself, there is no one I'd rather tell me than my best friend and husband.  (That's not to say that we never have to agree to disagree.  We do.)

A few years back I was involved in an incident where I feel a person went off the deep end.  In a very public setting she went storming off and had an uncalled for tantrum.  Her husband followed her and just ended up fanning her flame.  Her mother eventually did the same.  My college roommate said, "My mother would never let me act like that.  She'd tell me to knock it off."  I said, "I hope I never have a husband who allows me to act like that.  I hope he'd say you are acting crazy.  Knock it off".  Thankfully, I got my wish! :)

On the flip side, it is also reassuring and a good self check for me.  There have been a few incidents recently where this has come in to play.  My husband is very fair.  He is calm, easy going, giving of mercy, and goes with the flow.  We definitely see the world differently sometimes.  I know that if he wholeheartedly agrees with me, my view on a situation, or my response, then I can stand in confidence that I am not crazy and did not overreact.

I've said this before, but he's my balance.  He calms me.  He holds me accountable.  He is always willing to hear me out, but he doesn't have to agree with me just because we are married.  I love that.

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  1. That Voegele gene is a strong one, I think we all have calmed down over the years and that is encouraging! I also think "people" tend to forget that we all grow up and change/mature and the people we were at 18-19 is NOT the same person we are today! Jimmy is very much the same in telling me, "calm down, it's no big deal" or "I agree, but you don't have to get all hyped up about it" balance is good.

    We prayed hard for Mr. Mercy! :)