Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Craft

It may be a cop out... I'm not sure, but this whole pregnancy business has zapped my creative "genius".  (I quote on purpose because there are many craftier people out there.  I just do basics here and there.)

I have little desire to be crafty and even less ideas on how to be crafty.  I knew I needed to do something for Mother's Day with Little Man.  I've done some pretty cute things in the past.  My head was swirling with a few ideas, but nothing was really coming together.  I felt I was running out of time, so I do what I always do in this case... roam the aisles of a craft store and grab what looks good! :)

Here's what I picked up at Jo Ann's
I've been thinking about having Little Man paint a bird house for them for a while.  I picked this one up for $5.99 (I know, shame on me for not having coupons!)  I also got this little decorate your own flower pot thing for $1.99.

The flower pot came with three choices of inserts, or you could make your own.
One was mostly big flowers and had one butterfly on it (my choice)
One was big and little flowers, a few butterflies and a few bees,
and the other had turtles and inchworms and such.
Being the control freak I am, I really wanted LM to do the flower and butterfly one.  However, I remembered that the gift was from him for his mom, so I let him choose.  I did strongly encourage him to stay clear of the frog and turtle one.  He chose the one with the bees (darn it!).

Coloring is not his most favorite thing to do.  I reminded him that this is something she would keep for a long time and would be on display for everyone to see.  I encouraged him to do his very best.

The finished product (minus the plant that I have yet to buy)

Then we got on to painting the bird house.
He was pretty happy with this craft.  
He thought the bird house was cool and he is always up for painting!  I had all sorts of paint colors and he chose the ones he wanted to use (with minimal guidance).
He was set on painting the roof cream for some reason.

He probably would have painted the whole thing yellow and called it a day.   I had to remind him there were other colors to use.  He tends to get like that.

All the sides were painted and we had yet to use purple.
Ideally, I would have loved him to do some sort of decorative work on the birdhouse, but I knew that probably wasn't going to happen.  We had this round paint dobber things that we had used in the past and he loves them.  I asked if he wanted to use it to make purple polka dots.  He was in love with this idea.

The finished product

There you have it.  Our relatively simple Mother's Day Craft.  
We will be making a card to go with it on Friday.

Both K and G have a birthday this month. Plus, Father's Day is next month.  I'll have to be pulling out more craft ideas soon!

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