Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas with Family

After our morning of Christmas fun, we headed over to Michael's grandma's house for lunch.  Olivia couldn't wait to open presents!
Michael's grandma puts little baggies/stockings on the tree.  We pick numbers and then choose a stocking off the tree.  Each stocking has money in it.  The little kids got their own little money holders.  Olivia was proud of her $10!

Michael's cousins decided not to exchange gifts between the adults, but rather to buy for the kids.

The kids played with their toys and colored during the afternoon.

After most of the people left it was time for round 2!  Logan and Olivia got to open presents from their grandma!!

Don't mind the marker on Logan's cheek... he got a cap off of a marker (and has done it at home multiple times since. ugh!)

On Friday we loaded up after lunch and headed to Ft. Wayne where most of my mom's side of the family lives.  We met my cousin Erica and her kids at a play place on Friday night.

Then on Saturday we headed to my mom's house for the family Christmas.
The kids got to open even more presents...

and eat a bunch of junk food. (Olivia anyway)

Logan crawled around playing, attempted to climb the stairs every chance he got, and avoided being held by anyone that wasn't mommy or daddy.

Olivia got to play with my cousin's kids.

We always stay with my grandma when we go back.  Olivia has grown to really like going to Gigi's house.  (She use to be more stand-offish, but now Logan takes that role.)

Logan still keeps his distance, but I'm sure it won't be long before he warms up to it all and is asking to go to Gigi's house too.

That sums up our Christmas.  We are back in town.  Michael is back to work.  The Christmas decorations are down and put away.  Now we just have to find a place for all of these toys!!

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