Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Activities--Day 11, 12, 13 & 14

I saw the picture above on Pinterest.  I'm sure you have too.  I thought it was a cute idea.  If we make a canvas each year, then after a few years we will have a nice little Christmas display.  And who doesn't love handprint/footprint/fingerprint art?!

Our first canvas.  It's a 12 x 12.  Olivia is the angel and Logan is the manger.  I probably should have picked a shorter passage, so not perfect, but cute enough.

One of the girls in my MOPS group has twins.  She is doing this idea, but on different sets of dishes.  So in a few years she hopes to have a whole set.  Last year she did dessert plates (one for each kid) and this year she did dinner plates.  I thought that was a cute idea as well!

Originally  I was going to do a picnic dinner by the tree, and also another idea was to do a whole snowman dinner.  But on this day, I had baby sat all day and then spent 3 hours trying to pack for 4 people, give both kids baths, feed them, pack the car, and get out the door by 6.  So it sort of evolved into a "Christmas themed dinner" based on whatever I had on hand. :)

It was still way cool enough for a certain 3 year old.  She ate the chocolate chip eyes first and the M&M nose second, of course.  The snowflakes are apples.  She's all about "mommy's cheese", so she got two slices in the shape of trees.  And the Christmas marshmellows are just something we had recently bought.  She ate the entire thing!

Logan just got his regular old baby food dinner, but he just looked so cute in his post bath fluffy hair. :)

We were out of town for a wedding, but I did plan ahead.  I was going to do Christmas stickers one day and coloring pages another day.  Unfortunately, after my crazy Friday, I was ten minutes down the road before I realized I left those items at home.  Christmas is now ruined. (joking!)

BUT, Olivia had so much fun that she didn't even notice.  Plus, she actually did get to do some Christmas stuff at the wedding (more on that later) and she made some foam ornaments with my mom on Sunday.  So it was fine.

We had a lazy Saturday morning at my grandma's (Gigi).  Olivia had fun showing her how to do her Strawberry Shortcake bake shop.

And Logan actually let her hold him for just a little bit!

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