Friday, December 19, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

It seems like forever since I've done one of these...
Boppa (wearing a pretty necklace) and Olivia playing on the kindle.

We have had this hat since before Logan was born, and I broke it out the other day and we were playing around with it.  He wasn't much of a fan.

Olivia's turn.

Olivia has to take snack every once in a while.  I sort of set myself up to make a "fun" treat when she took her first turn in October.  So when she had another turn in December, I made these "baby Jesus in a manger" snacks. It was a big hit!

My sister sent a box of clothes for Olivia and Logan that she got off of a Facebook buy/sell page.  This sweater was one of thing she sent, so I took a picture to send her.  Cutie!

I don't really buy off the buy/sell pages around here, but I did a lot of buying in Texas.  I got this GeoSafari phonics pad for $20!!  That is a great deal.  We have played with it here and there, but Olivia is at a good age for it right now!

I let Olivia give Logan a bite of his oatmeal once.  The other day I was in the kitchen getting her lunch together and all of the sudden I hear "great bite!".  I look over and Olivia is feeding Logan.  She ended up feeding him the whole jar of baby food!  It was just a little messy, but he was already a mess from feeding himself some finger food.

Olivia's get up for the day!  At nap time she put her socks on.  Then she put her shoes on (on the wrong feet!).  The socks are so think that they are all bunched and sticking out.  Then she added her bee antennae.  She threw on her guitar and she was set.  She did trade out for a cowboy hat at one point.  She wore this for a good part of the afternoon.  Goof!

The doc is in!

Driving to the wedding... she fights sleep, and then has an uncanny knack for falling asleep 10 minutes before we arrive somewhere.

Cheeks for days!  The sort of look alike in their sleeping pics.

These little snowman sing a song.  My grandma let Olivia bring them home.  One of the lines says "nog and nog and nog".  It gets stuck in your head (or mostly in Michael's head).  I sent him this picture saying that Logan was going to take his hammer to them because he was sick of the nog. ;)

Sibling snuggles.

We got to join the end of her Christmas party at school.  She had eaten all of the candy off of her tree.

Playing pin the  nose on the snowman.  She actually got it in the right spot and "won".

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