Friday, December 26, 2014

Advent Activities--Day 24!


We made it through all 24 days of our activities!  There were a few days that I did just want to skip, but I pushed through.  I think it was a fun month for all of us.

Michael had to work on Christmas, so we didn't do anything fancy during the day.  We had a normal Wednesday for us--laundry, cleaning, and playing.  Olivia and I did do a Christmas I Spy during Logan's morning nap and a Christmas Veggie Tales was watched as well.

Another outfit from my sister.  It's a little big, but it looked Christmas-y so we went with it.  And he can stand on his own as long as he doesn't know he's doing it! :)

We ate dinner when Michael got home.  The plan then was to make and decorate cookies.  Michael took Logan up to get his bath started and Olivia actually fell asleep at the table!  I thought our whole plan might be ruined.  I ended up rolling out the cookies and cutting them out myself.  She woke up after about twenty minutes.  She's always so crabby when she wakes up.  We ended up doing her bath.  She sort of got a second wind, so our festivities continued.

First we made reindeer food.  She poured some oats and glitter in a bag and mixed it up.  Then we set that aside for later.

She was so excited to decorate the cookies.  She chose a tree first.

She might have helped herself a little bit. :)


Then we took the cookies downstairs and set them by the fireplace. (Mommy carried the milk!)

Then we went outside to leave the reindeer food--carrots and oats (with glitter so they can see it!)

Olivia went to bed and Santa showed up!  He even left behind some of his glittery white snow from the north pole!

Christmas morning Olivia looked at the plate and said, "Mommy, Santa didn't eat your stocking.  What a waste." and then promptly took a bite. :)

I grew up without Santa.  Michael grew up having Santa as one of his fondest childhood memories.  It made Christmas magical for him and he really wanted to do it with our kids.  So in our house Santa brings what you ask him for (within reason) and fills the stockings.

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  1. How fun, reindeer food and glitter....who knew :)