Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Morning

Because of Logan's morning nap and trying to get ready, packed up, and out of the house for lunch across town--we had to wake Olivia up on Christmas morning to do gifts.  She hates getting woken up, but eventually decided to come down and check things out.  The first thing she did was take the phone off Logan's Santa toy, grabbed an Ariel toy from her stocking, and then assessed the cookies.

We had to point out her Santa gift, but she was pretty happy to have gotten what she asked for PLUS a new princess doll on each bed!

Logan went right towards his Santa gift.  He walks really well with it, too. I think it is his favorite gift.

Logan got Olivia a Barbie car.

And Olivia got Logan a toy smart phone

Each year Olivia gets a Disney movie to add to her collection.  This year she got Sleeping Beauty, which she has been asking to watch for weeks.  She was very excited.  Logan is going to get Pixar movies and he got Cars this year.  They also both their ornament.

I think they had a good morning.  After all the presents were opened we went upstairs for a yummy breakfast.  Logan went to bed for his nap and Olivia got to watch Sleeping Beauty.  Then it was off to the first of two family Christmases.  More to come.

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