Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Weekend of Birthday Fun

Michael's birthday was on Saturday.  His day was filled with THREE of some of his favorite home cooked meals.  He also got different candy throughout the day with cute little notes on it.  If you know him at all, then you know that chocolate is his love language.

On Saturday night our friend Laurie volunteered to babysit for our birthday date.
We went to our outdoor mall and went on a carriage ride.

We had to stand in the cold for a little bit, but it wasn't too bad.

The mall is lit up so pretty this time of year.

Laurie had a Christmas party to go to first, so she didn't get to our house until about 7.  We knew that it would be too late to eat (especially the weekend before Christmas!), so instead we just went out for a fun dessert.  We went to the Melting Pot.  We actually got a cheese appetizer first and then a yummy chocolate and caramel concoction.  And our waiter brought us this little treat at the end. :)

Sunday was my birthday.  We had a pretty relaxing day.  We actually all took a nap BOTH days. That is a birthday miracle!  Then we headed out for dinner.
After dinner we did our Advent Activity of the day--which was to look at lights.  We actually went to something called Fantasy of Lights.  You pay by the car and drive through and see all of these lights.

I don't know if animatronics is the right word, but the lights moved.  This was one of Michael's favorites.  The dinosaur head moved down and gave Santa a kiss or something.  You can also see a bridge of lights in the background that we drove through at once.

It was a fun family weekend.  Happy Birthday to us! :)

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