Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Weekend Wedding

We spent our weekend in Ft. Wayne for my cousin Matthew's wedding.  It turns out that 12-13-14 was a popular wedding day pick, but they actually had to go with that day.  My cousin is in the Navy and it was the only day that worked for them before his next assignment (where he will be moving to the Florida/Georgia state line).

Since it was an out of town wedding for family, we pretty much had to take the kids.  It was actually a very kid friendly wedding, though.  The only problem was that Logan wanted to jibber jabber through the ceremony.  Stuffing his face with puffs wasn't helping. :)  I didn't get any pictures from the ceremony, because I was sweating bullets trying to keep my kid quiet.  But it was beautiful.

This was our attempt at a family picture... the best that we could do. Kids!

Jenna, the bride, is a pediatric nurse for heart patients (I'm sure there is a more technical term), so she loves kids and there were a bunch of kids there.  She had a whole table set up for the kids.  There were markers, Frozen stickers, ornaments to color, Olaf puzzles, legos for the big kids, and wands with bells on them that the kids were to wave above a couples head and have them kiss.  Olivia was in heaven!

Logan spent most of his time eating!  First baby food, then puffs, then most of the green beans from my plate and some from Olivia's plate as well!

The happy couple!  Jenna wore a sailor cap that said "Bride" when they couple was announced. :)

The food was so good! There were appetizers, a chocolate bar, rolls, salad, and a yummy meal. Once again, the kids were not left out.  They got special plates of chicken fingers, fries, and green beans. Plus, they got milk in these cute little snowman jugs that the mother of the bride made.  They thought of everything!

Then it was time to dance.

This was by far Olivia's favorite part!  She danced her heart out. :)

She even got to dance with Boppa.

We all had a great time!  Welcome to the family, Jenna.


  1. All 4 of you look great! So handsome & very beautiful :) What a fun wedding!