Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Pajamas

On Friday night, as we prepared for our movie night, I put both of the kids in their new Christmas pajamas.  I decided I would go ahead and try to get a few pictures of them in front of the tree.
Don't you know the first picture I took really is one of the best ones... and they both look distraught. :)  But like most photo sessions with these two, the pictures that followed told a pretty cute story.

Logan was totally not interested and immediately crawled away.  I got a nice smile from Olivia, though!

I plopped him back down and he started at me again.  Look at that face!

As Logan crawled up my lap, this was Olivia.  Her smile was gone and she was totally annoyed that (for once) she had cooperated, but her brother had not.

Then somehow Logan got back in front of the tree, but Olivia was gone?!

I decided to give Logan an ornament in hopes that having something in his hand would A) deter him from crawling and B) distract him enough to have him not be so crabby about it.

It sort of worked... until... 

He shook it so hard that the string it was hanging from ripped in half and the ornament went flying!

LOL! The best!!!

Olivia decided she would get him another ornament

"Here buddy.  This one is not fragile like that other one."

Only, he ended up breaking that one too!

Then the whole thing ended like this--both of them crawling out of the shot it opposite directions!

I love my kids! :)

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