Saturday, December 6, 2014

10 Months--Logan

LOGAN MICHAEL, you are TEN months old!

What have you been up to?

*We don't go back to the doctor until your one year check up, so I don't have your stats. I did plop you on the scale last night, though.  You were 21 pounds.  That sound about right base on your last check up.

*You are still wearing size 9 month clothing.  You've grown out of 2 outfits so far, but most of them still fit just fine.

*You wear size 12 month pajamas. Thankfully I got all sorts of 12 month sleepers at the last round of consignment sales!

*You wear size 4 diapers.

*Your schedule is exactly the same.  I imagine it will stay this way until you give up your morning nap--months from now.  I have talked about trying to move your bedtime to 7:30 (in hopes of you not waking up as early), but it hasn't really happened yet.

*You drink 3 bottles a day and eat 3 meals.  You love, love, love your milk.  You also get pretty excited about eating as well.

*You still enjoy your oatmeal mixed with some fruit puree for breakfast.  You have coconut milk yogurt for lunch most days.  We try to do finger foods for dinner.  You are a lot messier than your sister was.  You also seem to be a bit more picky.

*You still have six teeth.

*You love to be on the go!  You crawl, climb, pull up... you think you can walk, but you can't.  So you let go or try to "cruise", but you just end up falling over.  Your legs still get wobbly.

*We lowered your crib shortly after you turned 9 months.  You weren't pulling yourself up yet, but I knew it was close.  Now you pull yourself up with ease, and yesterday you were literally holding on to the top and jumping!

*You "signed" eat earlier this week.  Admittedly we haven't been doing that great of a job with the sign language.  You seem to sign milk when you want another bite of food, so I have started trying to be more diligent with using "more". You seem to think it's funny.

*We've also been slacking on the sippy cup attempts.  You seemed disinterested. 

*You seem to be getting a little better with the stranger danger.  You still prefer mommy, though.  If I'm holding you and someone tries to talk to you, you snuggle your head into my chest and look all shy.  But you have let a few people hold you briefly in the past few weeks.  Hopefully we will be past it soon!

*We've been working on "high five".  You participate when you feel like it. :)  We don't have many opportunities to wave good bye, but we've started to try to work on that as well.

*If someone blows in your face, you sort of attempt to blow back.  It's cute!

*You have also started to catch on with peek-a-boo.  I swear that is your first word.  You will say "boo" every once in a while well playing.  It's not extremely defined, but it sound enough like boo to me!

*We think you are double jointed in your hands like your Boppa.  We still aren't sure about the rest of your joints, but you don't appear to be as crazy flexible as your sister.

*You do some sort of crazy twisty thing with your wrist when you hold something in your hand. Boppa loves it!

*You still want to put everything you find in your mouth.  We have to be more careful these days.

*You are also fascinated with your tongue.  You figured out that you can flip it over (genetic trait!) and you do it OFTEN!

*You grind your teeth for the fun of it, and it is an awful sound.  We are hoping that ends soon.

*You use facial expressions as part of your humor.  You are a funny guy!

We love you bubby!

Do you see what I'm dealing with here? LOL!

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