Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Family Portrait--By Olivia

We were using markers the other night for one of our Advent activities.  I also had a giant piece of white paper on the table for any coloring that may "overflow". (See brown marks in upper right hand corner.)  After we were done with our project I told Olivia she could color if she wanted.
She started out by coloring that big purple blob in the middle.  I told her she couldn't just color the same spot over and over.  Then I suggested that she draw Boppa.  She said she didn't think she could do that.  I told her just to give it a try and do her best. This is what followed...

She drew Michael by drawing a head and legs. Then she gave him some eyes, ears, and hair.  Important!  

Next, she moved on to drawing me.  Somehow my legs got to be much longer that Boppa's! :)  I told her to draw my hair long and pretty.  After she drew it she said, "I gave you a new style.  It's in a bun." :)  

Then she drew herself.  At that point Michael and I moved into the living room and she just kept on saying things that needed to be added.  She decided everyone needed bellies and that was "silly" that they didn't have any.  That is what the orange marker is.  She also said it was "silly" that they didn't have pants on, so she added pants.  (Apparently I didn't get any!)  Also, everyone got socks because "their feet were soooo cold!"  

And in case you were wondering what is going on with Logan--Olivia is holding him! :)

Not bad for her first drawing!  Of course it's totally developmentally appropriate and nothing "special", but to us it is just perfect. :)

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