Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tent Fun

We have never really been big Black Friday shoppers.  I guess because there was nothing that we ever needed that bad. But this year, Michael really, really, really wanted to get a fancy pants ladder.  We had actually looked at one a few weeks ago to buy, but the one he wanted was out of stock. Then the Black Friday adds came out and they had one he wanted for a really good deal.

Luckily the store is only about 5 minutes away. The sale started at 6, and he was in line at 5:30 AM!  He was worried they weren't going to have enough, because he had been checking online to see how many were in stock. Thankfully, they had plenty. He bought it, took it to the car, and then went back in to shop some more.  He ended up getting Olivia a tent for $8 and a sleeping bag for $10 (I think?) and a few other little odds and ends.

He set it up while she was watching TV, and then told her to take a look.

She was instantly in love!

She has thanked Michael no less than two dozen times in the last few days!

We couldn't really leave it in the middle of the family room, she we took it up to our room and she has used it multiple times as a reading nook.

We moved it to her room and she has actually slept in it the last few nights.  We thought she'd play in it for a bit and then end up in her bed, but she has stayed in the tent all night long.  Our little camper...

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  1. Sadie got a Minnie Mouse tent last year for her birthday & she loves it too. In fact, her & Sophie play in it often. But we don't have any sleeping bags - that would be a good gift suggestion!