Wednesday, January 7, 2015

11 Months--Logan

Logan Michael, you are ELEVEN months old!
The ONLY lying down pic I could get
What have you been up to?

*Well, for starters you were NOT interested in taking pictures this time around.  Thankfully I was still able to get a few good ones, but it was a battle of the wills for sure.  (This is a copy and paste of the first sentence of your sister's 11 month post.  You two...)

*Your stats have remained mostly the same this month.  You are still in size 9 month clothes, size 12 pajamas, and size 4 diapers.  You also eat and sleep on the same schedule you have been on.

*What has changed are some of your motor skills.  You are cruising around like a pro now.  You can also walk pretty well when using your push walker.

*You can stand by yourself for extended periods of time, too.  You don't stand yourself up in the middle of the room, but you let go when holding on to something.

*You are also a climber! You climb up on anything you can.  This is new territory for us.  Good thing all of the dressers and book shelves are bolted to the wall!

*You also like to get yourself into tight spaces.  You have mastered the army crawl, of sorts.  You put your head down and lead with it by dragging it on the floor.  You will crawl under or through anything you can.  We always think your head is going to get stuck, but you generally manage to get your way through!  It's quite impressive.

*You love music.  You dance or bob your head like Stevie Wonder.  :)  I won't be surprised if you play the drums some day.  You seem to enjoy drumming/banging.

*Your favorite thing to do is to get into and (attempt to) play with the things you are not suppose to--wires, remotes, phones.  You are just like your Boppa.  You love wires and electronics!!

This is how much of the photo shoot went.
*We are working on high fives and waving bye bye, but you aren't too interested.

*You don't give kisses yet, but if we ask for one you make the smacking sound with your lips. :)

*Your first official word is Boppa.  I can't believe you betrayed me. ;)  You do say Mama, but it's not very consistent.  You definitely associate the word Boppa with your daddy, so I think that is the winner.

*You have started mimicking our words to a certain degree.  I was telling you to say "bye bye Boppa" the other day and you repeated it multiple times.

*We don't use too many signs, but I do try to reinforce "more" since the alternative is you screaming at me for another bite.  You do it sometimes, but sometimes you resort to yelling.

*You love to eat. You can be a little picky though, and definitely very messy when self fed.  One of your favorite foods is a banana.  One of your least favorite foods are carrots.

*You have 7 teeth and that 8th tooth will be popping through any day now!

*You shake your head no when you know you are doing something you are not suppose to.

*You have a LOT to say and you usually say it at a volume that is a little too loud for your Boppa. :)

*You absolutely LOVE bath time or any time you can play in the water.  If the water in the tub gets turned on you get very, very excited.  You love to splash.  I think you will be our water baby!

*You are still mommy's boy.  You want a lot of attention from me.  You cry when I have to put you down or leave the room.  Hopefully we are coming to the end of this stage.

*At the same time, you adore your Boppa.  You light up when he walks in the door.  He is ready to move on from playing princesses with your sister to cars, trucks, trains (or whatever) with you!

*You have a sensitive spirit.  If Boppa says your name too loudly (to get your attention while eating) you get the quiver lip and start to cry.

*If in the right mood you can play with your toys independently for a good amount of time.  I just think you look so cute when you are sitting on the ground entertaining yourself.

I tried to go back to get a good picture on his chair and this is what happened...
*You seem to be fearless.  We have to keep our eyes on you!  You would climb down the stairs head first if we let you.  You attempt to stand up on your changing table every chance you get.  You aren't afraid of much.

*You really like your sister--even though she smothers you and isn't always nice.  You two are starting to play together more, which is fun.

So that was the end of the photo shoot.
*We have been working on the sippy cup thing.  You are doing pretty good, but still need to be reminded to tip it up.  My goal is to move from bottles to sippy cups at 1 year, so we have a month to master it. ;)

*You really are hilarious.  And you know it.  You keep us laughing and you haven't even started talking yet.  I think you are going to be just like your daddy--class clown with a good sense of humor.


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