Thursday, December 18, 2014

Advent Activities--Days 15, 16, & 17

We did stickers for day 15.  Olivia has enjoyed playing with stickers for a while now, but this time she actually used the pages to make "scenes"with her stickers.  She thought out the placement of each sticker very carefully.

She had also been asking for gingerbread cookies ever since we made the train.  So I made a batch and she got to eat one after she was done creating.

Tuesday was a rough day in the Sellers house.  First, Olivia had preschool and she started crying at drop off. She never does that.  She actually had to be pried off my leg.  I was a little concerned that she was coming down with something since so many were sick while we were in Indiana, but I think she was actually just still over tired from the trip.  She didn't sleep as much as she should, she had a hard time sleeping in the car Sunday night so she went to bed way late and got up too early on Monday.  By Tuesday morning she was just a mess.  So when she got home from preschool, it was lunch and then straight to bed where she fell asleep within minutes (never happens!).  So our "activity" was just to attend her preschool Christmas program.  It's all we had time for!

To say she was a HOT MESS at the program is putting it nicely. Ugh!  I am not surprised in the least.  She definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, so to speak.  The director and one of the teachers had told me that in practice she just stood there and stared.  I was actually relieved at that assessment and hoped for the best (after also seeing how she "followed along" in ballet).  No such luck.  She started out looking a little scared and I thought she might cry.  Then she spent the rest of the time turning around, pick up name tags off the floor (because they weren't in the right order?), sitting down, lifting up the top portion of her dress (thank goodness there were two layers!), dancing and jumping at the wrong times... Every once in a while she would bust out one of the lines or do a proper hand motion.  And to say "she's just 3" isn't really acceptable.  They are all "just 3" or 4, or 5.  At one point the 4 year old behind her yelled at her and told her to knock it off.  Yeah.  I was sweating through the whole thing and thanking the good Lord there were only 4 songs.

I am very aware of my child's "quirky" behaviors and tendencies.  I'm just not so sure yet the reasoning behind it.  She doesn't quite fit into any "box" or "label".  So for now we just do our best and hope that she grows out of it!

 Today is the last day of preschool before Christmas break, so yesterday we made the teachers and director some Christmas cards to go with their gifts.

I just put a tree on some construction paper and then Olivia used the ornament stickers to decorate it. She also colored in the cards.  I think they ended up turning out pretty cute, and Olivia enjoyed it.

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