Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent Activities--Day 8, 9, and 10

On Monday we did a little Christmas craft.  Olivia picked out the snowman at Joann's when we were out on Sunday. I had already picked up the reindeer from the dollar spot at Target earlier in the month, so she colored both!

This girl loves to color!

I was going to take her picture with one and Michael offered to join her.  I think her looking at him is the cutest thing!  I love this picture! :)

Day nine ended up being "date with mommy to Christmas shop".  I knew that at some point I wanted to take her to pick out a gift for Logan.  On this particular day she napped, which means she is up LATE.  So it happened to work out.  She was roaming the dollar spot at Target and said, "I just love this store!".  She also decided to set up a little play area.  She thought about giving Logan  the elephant, but later changed her mind.

Of course no date night is complete without a treat.  Michael took her to Burger King once, and now she thinks every "date" should include a milkshake from BK. :)  She chose a cake pop from Starbucks, and we actually got it free because their espresso machine was down. That is the second time she has gotten a free treat there!  Bonus: Like her consignment sale Christmas outfit!

She got a little distracted when it came to the toy aisles.  She wants everything princess she can find and insisted that she needed this Little People Princess set.  (Luckily she doesn't know it comes with a castle!)  She kept telling me that is what she picks and that we were getting it, and even put it in the cart at one point.  I had to remind her that we were there so she could choose something for Logan! :) She eventually chose a toy phone that looks pretty similar in shape and size to mine, which was a great idea since he loves to try to get my phone and put it in his mouth.

Day ten was to make a special treat.  I don't generally do a lot of holiday baking, but I usually make at least one batch of white trash. (Sorry about her hair being in the way.  She's going through a thing where she will not let me move it, and if I do she will put it right back in her face.)

She was super happy that M&M's were involved!

She couldn't wait for it be ready.  She kept asking, "Is our special treat hard yet?".  And I'm pretty sure she was sneaking M&M's off the counter every chance she got.

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