Monday, December 22, 2014

Advent Activities--Days 18, 19 & 20

On Thursday Olivia's preschool teachers sent her home with a little gift bag.  Included in it was a box of crayons, and an activity book.  They also sent home some coloring pages in her folder.  (At this point, I think we have more crayons/coloring books than we will ever be able to use!)  Plus, I had already printed off some Christmas pages.  So our activity that day was to color Christmas pictures.

Don't mind the food on her face--she had just eaten a cookie that also came in the baggie from her teachers.  She has been coloring these Christmas pages every day since!

I bought this felt Christmas tree kit last year on clearance.  Some of the girls in my mommy group had complained that the pieces didn't stay put.  I had actually bought some velcro to use, but we just ended up sticking them up as best we could and/or using painters tape for some of them.
(Yes, she is wearing the same clothes as the day before.  She slept in them because they were "so comfortable").

Logan wanted in on the action!

This picture made me laugh!  Olivia is trying to put the bow perfectly on the gift and Logan is trying crawl up on her and get to the pieces he is not suppose to have!  Typical!

It may look like he's helping, but really he was taking them off about as fast as she could put them up.

My attempt to satisfy Logan and keep him away from Olivia's masterpiece. Clearly he is not amused. :)

Saturday was Michael's birthday, so we kept it sort of simple. So simple that I didn't even take any pictures of our activity. :)  Even though we don't "do" the elf on the shelf, we were gifted this Elf game last year.  You hide the elf and it plays a song and talks.  Olivia is at a great age for it!  I hid it the first few times.  She isn't great at finding things, so since it starts to talk and play music after a little bit it helped her find it.  She would spot it and then just giggle. :)  Then she hid it a few times.  Of course, being the three year old that she is, she hid it in the same spot over and over OR pretty much just told us where it was.  It was the perfect little game to play while I was getting dinner ready.

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