Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent Activities--Day 4, 5, & 6

Thursday was a busy day for us.  Olivia had preschool in the morning, and then the babysitting kids came over in the afternoon.  She and I were also suppose to go out that night with a friend, so there wasn't really time for much.

So her tin said "eat a candy cane".  Meijer had some themed ones for a dollar, so we got her a princess one.  It was strawberry flavored.

She sucked on it for all of two minutes and then was done. :)  She likes to chomp on hard candy and suckers no matter how many times we tell her to just lick/suck.  This candy cane was too big for that, though.  So she became disinterested quickly.

Day 5 was to watch a Christmas movie.  She chose the Polar Express, but then wasn't too sure about it after 20 minutes in.  We switched to Curious George's Christmas movie on Netflix.

Day 6 was to build our gingerbread creation.  Olivia has been waiting for this day since she picked out the train a few weeks ago!

While Michael and I assembled the train, Olivia picked out all of the candies of the same color and counted them.  Then unsorted them back into the right bowls and went on to the next color...

She did help put on a few pieces

Then it was time to decorate!

We had a slight catastrophe... but all is well.

Then we added cotton balls on the tray to cover up the words and to make it look like snow.

and what do you do with the extra frosting?  Eat it, of course!

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