Monday, August 25, 2014

Taking on the Splash Pad

We finally made it to the splash pad!  We've been to the fountains at the mall multiple times, but I think there is something way more fun and magical about going to the splash pad.  I use to take Little Man back in the day, as it is pretty close to where he use to live.  Unfortunately, it is rather far from us. But we made it happen at least once this summer and that is what I was going for!
Olivia and Michael got right to it, and before I even had Logan out of the car seat she was soaked.

It was the perfect day for it too.  We've had a somewhat cool summer, but it was close to 90 when we went--and that was at 5 in the evening!

Going later in the day helped with the crowds.  I've been before when it was absolutely packed.  It wasn't bad at all.

Logan liked watching the buckets dump the water and seeing the water shoot up.

The splash pad is right next to a playground, so it wasn't long before she headed over there to check things out.

She played for a bit, then went back to the water, then played for a bit, and then went back to the water.  It's nice that they are so close.

Stud muffins. :)

Trying to get a bucket of water dumped on their head

Michael taught Olivia how to use the shooter

Then he made himself a target

Logan got a little wet.  I took him in a few times and got his legs wet or let him stand it some of the water (no pictures though, since I was holding him in water) and then Michael held him in a few light splashes as well.  He will have lots of fun next year, I'm sure.

We saw a butterfly on the way back to our car!

Olivia had a great time.  She told us multiple times how she had so much fun and that it was such a fun day. :)

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  1. We are going to splash pad at Hope Park on Wednesday for our last MOPS play date of the summer. I remember when Olivia & Sadie were there together last year! We will miss seeing you but it seems like you are having fun there :)