Saturday, August 2, 2014

M&M Math

Olivia has decided that she will maybe put up with math and discussions on counting and numbers... if her mood is right. :)  So we are taking advantage of this new window of opportunity!

While we were organizing the basement, I grabbed a few more books out of one of my teaching boxes.  One was the M&M counting book.  Olivia and Michael picked up a bag of M&M's while they were out on their date.

She couldn't wait until it was time do use the book.  And she got to eat 2 M&M's before we started... because you can't put chocolate in front of a preschooler and not let them eat some. ;)

It starts off counting from 1 to 12, which was not an issue for her.

Then the book went through sets--six sets of two, four sets of three and so on.  She needed help with this part of it.

The next part of the book was to make some shapes.  She did alright with the square.  The circle was a fail.

She did pretty good with the triangle.  She tried to look at the picture and match up the colors.  I did help her a little.

Then it was time for some subtraction.  She had to eat the colors that the book said.  She didn't mind that part!

I think she'd go for this kind of math any day! ;)

It's a start.

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  1. What a creative & fun way for kids to learn! :)