Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kids Say the Darndest Things....

Olivia is constantly saying things that either make us stop and laugh out loud, or take us back with how old/mature she sounds.  I'm trying to be better about keeping notes of the things she says...

A friend of mine was at our house and said, "She's so verbal!" and Olivia said, "I am not so purple!"

She has super girl pajamas that she got from Miss Laurie for her birthday.  When I put them on her she was running around saying how she was super girl and she was going to save the day.  The next morning we needed to get her dressed so we could go somewhere.  She said, "Wait! I won't be able to save the day without my jammies on!"

She was running around in our family room.  Her toy broom was on the floor and she was kind of running around it.  Instead of saying she was running around in circles, she just kept singing, "I'm running around in ovals! I'm running around in ovals". Which was the shape she was making when running around the long broom. :)

I started mixing almond milk with cows milk.  She was doing well having half and half.  One day I gave her a glass of all cows milk. She said, "What kind of milk is this?  Is this white milk?  Because white is not my favorite color!"  We are back to half and half....

"I am so excited about ballet class. I'm going to wear a pink tutu.  I'm so excited to meet new friends.  There are going to be so many fun girls there.  And my teacher is going to show me how to shake my booty."  Ummm... ???  I don't think so little girl.

After months of having a table that sits six, I finally got matching place mats.  At lunch one day Olivia said, "Mommy, look at these mats! They are amazing! I justlove them."

Olivia is into carrying around random piece of paper and pretending she is reading them.  One of the papers got ripped one day.  She holds it up to me and says, "Look, mommy!"  I asked her what happened to my paper and she said, "I think somebody damaged it!"  Hmm. Wonder who could have done that?

No matter how many times I tell her that Logan watches Praise Baby, she insists on calling it Craze Baby.  I think she does it to spite me. ;)

"Can I use colored pencils?" Me: Sure "Thanks. That would be lovely."

"Mommy, are these two crayons similar?" Trying to quiz me on if I know what similar means--the day after Michael taught her. :) "How aboooooout these two crayons?  Are they similar?"

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