Sunday, August 10, 2014

PBJ & Jazz--Concert in the Park

We headed downtown yesterday to attend a children's jazz festival in the park.  Apparently it is put on once a month during the summer months, but this was our first time checking it out.

Participants are actually encouraged to attend a story time at the main library first, and then walk to the topiary park for the concert.  Our guests from earlier in the week left us with a parting gift, and our whole family has a touch of a cold. (Thanks, Sonja! ;))  So our morning didn't go quite as planned.  We skipped out on the story time and just showed up for the concert.

We sat and had our picnic while we listened to the music.  You can see the musicians to the left and some children dancing to the right.

Olivia was bobbing her head while enjoying her sandwich.

Logan was sleeping at first, since his morning nap didn't go as planned, but the music was pretty loud so he eventually joined the party!

They had everyone come up and dance for the last song (When the Saints Go Marching On) and then eventually had everyone follow them around.

Afterwards we walked around the park and tried to explain what a topiary is to Olivia.

That's a dog if you can't tell.

The Columbus Museum of Art also sets up a mobile art center for the kiddos.

The kids were suppose to make a mobile. But it was like here are some weird wires and some string and some random items--go for it.  It was a little too abstract for our young 3 year old, so she just glued some stuff on a paper and thought it was great.

The whole thing was something different than anything we've done.  I think everyone enjoyed something new.

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