Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Fun

My mom, grandma, cousin Sonja, and her daughter Emersyn came for a quick visit.  They arrived late Monday afternoon.  After discussing a few choices, we decided to head to Easton.  Sonja wanted to eat somewhere they didn't have in Ft. Wayne, and they all chose the Cheesecake Factory.

After dinner we took the girls to the fountains to play.
This time Olivia wasn't hesitant at all.  She knew right what to do.   Emersyn, on the other hand, was a bit weary.  To be fair, the water was a bit cold even though the temps were around 85.


Olivia took Emersyn's hand and walked her through the middle where the water isn't quite as crazy.

After that it was game on!

Simultaneously filling up there water cans---one of the few moments they weren't fighting over who had which one. ;)

Of course Logan didn't fall asleep even though it was after his bedtime... so he got a little water action too.

I think everyone had a good time!

Sonja had told me ahead of time that she felt like ice cream.  So after our water play we got ice cream and walked to the fountain on the other side of the mall.  We watched the water as we enjoyed our special treat.

On Tuesday the girls played (like sisters!), and then we went to brunch.  We hit up Target, where the girls got special princess toys from their grandma's.  Then we stopped in at Gigi's Cupcakes so everyone could see where I work.

The afternoon was spent coloring, playing, dressing up, and the grown ups playing a card game before they all left.

Olivia woke up asking where Emersyn was, so I think we will have to be getting these girls together again soon!

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