Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family Nature Night

One of our local parks and rec departments put on a little Family Nature Night.  We had never been, but I am always looking for ways to spend some time together, get out of the house, and introduce Olivia to new experiences.  So we thought we'd go ahead and try it out.

When we first got there, I fed Logan his night time bottle and Michael and Olivia played on the playground equipment.

The slide was really tall.  Olivia was trying to tell Michael that she needed to come up and help him.

We headed to the little shelter and Olivia got her face "painted".

She chose a purple butterfly and loved it!

We roasted marshmellows and hot dogs.

Enjoying her first roasted marshmellow

Drawing on the sidewalk

and playing with bubbles

The event went from 7 to 9.  I put Logan's nighttime diaper on, put him in his pajamas, and got him ready for bed before we left.  I was hoping that he would sleep.  No such luck! But at least he was happy and not a tired crying mess.

I had to stop and meet with the detective on the way.  He needed me to identify the robber.  Logan fell asleep during the drive, so I guess that twenty minute nap was enough to hold him over.  He had fun watching the bubbles.

Eventually we went back to the playground.  One of the other moms was saying it was the smallest turnout of any of the events they've gone to.  It worked for us.

Olivia and Michael did some running before we called it a night at 8:30.

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