Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The moment we have been waiting for all summer is finally here.  It's time for preschool!
We had meet the teacher night on Monday night.  Olivia got her fingers and toes painted in preparation for the big day!

There was a little informational parent meeting first, which Olivia was bored with.  But then we did get to see her classroom.  I stopped to take a picture in the hall and she slithered on through the adults into her room.

She found some toys to play with right away and made herself at home.

We were up bright and early for her big day.  No one in our family are morning people.  She kept saying over and over how tired she was.  Me too, baby girl.  Me too!

We had a minor meltdown while getting ready, but other than that things went off pretty well.

My beautiful little girl!

Being silly with the sign...

and then laughing at herself.  A girl after my own heart. ;)

Showing off her backpack

Michael went into work a little late so that he could be part of the big day!  Olivia is definitely a daddy's girl, so I think it was special to have him there.

She was just a little excited!

She ran right in, sat down and started playing.

She did cooperate and come hang up her backpack.  Yes, right next to the other Olivia.  She is already "Olivia S". :/

And she went right back to playing.  I told her that I wanted to take her picture with us and then say good bye.  She said, "Good bye, Mommy and Boppa!"  I said, "No, after we take pictures."  Clearly she had no problems with us leaving!

Our girl is growing up...

When I picked her up, the teacher said she did pretty good, but she had a little trouble following the directions.  This didn't surprise me at all.  I didn't feel too bad about that, since she said the same thing to 3 out of 4 of the parents in front of me. :)  That is exactly why we are sending her to preschool!  The teacher also said that Olivia kept complaining that she was tired and laying down on the rug.  Apparently the 12 hours of sleep she got the night before wasn't enough. ;)  Actually, that might have been my fault.  I had mentioned that she might be tired after preschool and that she would be needing to go to bed early and take good naps.  I think she just decided that she needed to talk about being tired all day long.  Oh, and she didn't nap.

As we were walking to our car I asked her if she had listened to her teacher.  She said, "Yes. I listened.  The teacher didn't listen."  Oh boy. 

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  1. I'm more sad looking back on this than I was when it was actually happening. I just want to hug her now :).