Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sensory Bin-Water Beads

I bought a few packs of water beads months ago, but we finally just got around to it.
The other night before Olivia went to bed she helped me "prep" the beads.

I bought blue, purple and pink beads.  She poured a large cup of water in, and then we just ended up taking it into the bathroom.  She used the cup to fill it up.  Then she went to bed.

A few hours later before I went to bed I checked on them.  They were starting to plump up.  I added a lot more water.

When I woke up it looked like this.  I added even more water.

Then before it was time to play, I had to rinse them off.  The purple water would dye what it touched, but after it was rinsed off there wasn't any problem.

She wanted to play with it right when she woke up--hence the bed head! :)

She said, "There are hundreds of them!"

We talked about how they went from tiny little beads to big beads.  Also, how they were different colors, but when all together in the bucket they look black (to her).

We tried to come up with every adjective we could to describe how they felt.

She kept popping them in her hand.

We ended up with a few more than I had intended, so they spilled out over the sides some.  We found out that they bounce.

She had a great time playing with them, exploring, and making all sorts of observations.

She couldn't wait until Boppa came home to show him her beads.

They played for a little bit, and Logan even got in on the sensory action.  I stood his feet in it.  He wasn't quite sure what to think.  Then Olivia had to stand it in too, of course.  :)

There are tons of fun ideas on how to use these little guys, so this probably won't be the last you have seen of them.

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