Saturday, August 16, 2014


Olivia has been able to sort by color for quite a while now, and I was pretty confident that she could sort by shape and by size but wanted to make sure.

I dumped out the buttons and told her to sort them by shapes.  She really wanted to sort them by color.  She loves sorting by color and does it for fun with lots of items around the house and toys that she plays with. (What can I say? She may have a mom who color codes the closets...)

After explaining that I already knew she knew how to sort by color and I wanted to see if she could sort by shapes, she complied.

I told her to just make piles with the different shapes.  Nope.  She couldn't.  She had to make "towers".

So what was suppose to be a 5 minute activity before napped turned into a tedious 20 minute activity.  Had I anticipated this (and I should have!) I wouldn't have dumped out the entire bag!

Eventually she finished the task and had no problems with the sorting.

We did it another day with beads.  This time I got smart and only gave her a handful!

She started sorting by shape, but she would still pick up two of the same shape and say, "Do these match?"  I would say yes and she would say, "No.  They don't match!"  Meaning they weren't the same color, even though she knew they were the same shape.

Even though her inner self desperately wanted them to "match", she did the activity with ease. ;)

We've also practiced sorting items by size, and she does well with that too.  I think we can check sorting off our list!

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