Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Olivia's Impromptu Photo Session

I mentioned yesterday that when we picked up Logan's picture, we were offered a free (quick) photo session and the ability to choose an 8x10.  So we decided to go for it.  Olivia has been asking a lot lately when I am going to take her picture (because I took Logan's 6 month pics), so it worked out perfect.

We were suppose to do the fall background, but she took a few with the background up just in case I didn't like the fall background.  Plus, it happened to be the same one we used for Logan.

We were literally only in there for a few minutes.  She did a great job getting Olivia to smile.

I definitely would never choose the fall background.  It is not my style at all.  But I love this picture of Olivia!

I like that one in the black and white!  Of course, that isn't one of the free options.  I'm sure that is part of the plan.  They take pictures in hopes that you will buy some...

The image I shared yesterday, but in sepia.

A fun little collage they did.

Olivia is into a "God created everything" stage.  When the girl switched out the backgrounds, Olivia pointed to the water and told her that God made it.  Then she kept saying, "That's God's water.  God made that water."  So the photographer took a picture of her pointing out "God's water" because she was so persistent about it. :)

It was a fun little free addition to our girl's day.  I'll take a free 8 x 10 any day!

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