Monday, August 11, 2014

Girl's Day!

Yesterday Olivia and I had a "special girl date"!

We started out at Panera for lunch.

Then we hit the mall in search of a backpack.  I really wanted to get a cute little preschool backpack that is monogrammed.  She wanted a princess one.  And since it was about half the cost, we went with her choice.  She really wanted Little Mermaid, but they didn't have one.  (I wasn't too sure about sending a backpack with a shell bra to school, so I was glad it wasn't an option.)  She considered Tinkerbell (a new favorite), Doc, and Sofia... but ultimately went with Rapunzel.

We had to run to JCP to pick up Logan's pictures.  While we were there, the lady said that they had a new fall background they wanted to try out.  If I let her take some pictures of Olivia, we could get an 8x10 for FREE.  So I did it.  I'll post more about that tomorrow...

They were having a sale, plus they were handing out 25% off coupons.  I'm starting to look for fall clothes for both of the kids, so we checked it out.  The selection wasn't that great and a lot of it was still too pricey in my opinion.  But we did find a tinkerbell costume on clearance!

Part of our date was suppose to include ice cream--as part of our summer bucket list.  We've obviously been out to ice cream a few times this summer, as you've seen.  But I wanted it to be a special date thing.  Well, there weren't too many choices at the mall.  We were wasting time until her hair appointment, so we made an impromptu decision to change our ice cream date to a cheesecake date.

She wanted something with raspberry, so we went with a lemon raspberry cream.  Neither one of us were sad to be missing out on ice cream! ;)

It was almost time to get her hair cut, so I took some pictures of how long it was.  It has always just been long in my mind, so I never really notice how long it gets. But people who see her on a regular basis are constantly commenting on it's length.  It was about down to her elbows.

We went to Sweet and Sassy again.  It was so funny--the stylist asked what kind of shampoo I used on Olivia's hair because it was SO soft.  I was like, "Um, $1.99 kids Suave!"  She has my hair (which makes me a little bitter that mine was chopped off to look like a boy, but that's another story!).  It is fine, silky, and super soft, and she has a LOT of it.

She got 3 inches cut off and her bangs trimmed

The girl braided it, sprayed sparkles in it, sprayed a scent of Olivia's choice, and gave her purple hearts on her cheek!  Plus, she got to pick out a sucker. This girl was in heaven!

We ended our adventure using a Kohl's coupon that we had.

I don't think every date needs to be 5 hours long, but since we were heading to the opposite side of town we took advantage.  Olivia loved it. She kept commenting the whole time about how she was so excited, how it was so fun, and how she loved girl dates.  I love making memories with my sweet girl.  It's a win/win.

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