Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Zooniversity at the Library

Our libraries have all sorts of summer programs going on this summer.  And the nice thing is that they have online registration now.  Back when Little Man and I went, we'd have to get there super duper early, wait in line, and hope that we got a ticket to get in.  We have a busy July, so I'm not sure if we will get to attend any of the programs.  But I did register us for one while my mom was here.

Even though we had tickets, we got there a little early just to get a good spot in line.  Then we read books while we waited.

They made sure to tell us that Logan would have to keep quiet, and that the program wasn't really for little kids.  Well, I can't bring my Kindergartner if my 2 year old can't come.  And he did just fine!

Ready to learn!

The lady brought out 6 different animals and gave a mini lesson about each.

The entire thing lasted about 45 minutes, which was just the right amount of time.

It might not have been their favorite activity, but it was something different and got us out of the house for a bit.  I'm thankful that our library has these free type of events for us.

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