Thursday, July 14, 2016

Willow Bend Mall

One of the area malls has a kids program every Thursday for the entire summer.  We had plans to go last summer, but never made it.  The only bad thing (for us) is that it's at 1 o'clock and that is usually nap time.  But I decided to just push through this year.

It's about a 20 to 25 minute drive for us, so we went a little early to make it worth it.  The kids played in the play area for a bit.

and my mom paid for them to take a ride

After about 45 minutes, we headed to the food court for lunch.

We were finished with lunch and ready to find a spot by 12:30, and it was already packed!  There is a pre-show with one of the local businesses or something.  So everyone was already enjoying that.

Sooo... we just rode the escalator up and found an uncrowded place to sit and watch.  Neither of my kids minded.

There were a few activities for the kids to do, so my mom took Olivia down to make a puppet.  She ran into the fairy, who was part of the pre-show. 

Every week is a different presenter. The week we went it was a Trash Vocal group.  They played music on things like trash cans and water barrels, and sang songs and jumped around.  It was right up Logan's alley! :)

Logan was dancing and clapping, but Olivia was tired and probably a little over stimulated from being there a while.  So we only lasted for about 20 minutes of the show.  But it was enough.  We went home for naps, and it worked out nicely.

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