Thursday, July 7, 2016

Olivia's Art Party

We had a total of 13 kids at the party!
2, of course, were our own
4 were from Life Group
3 were our family friends from Ohio
2 were Olivia's very best friends from preschool
1 was a MOPS friend
and 1 was a June 2011 Bump friend!

Once about half of them arrived, we started getting the painting started
These girls got right to work!

The art smocks and canvases came in a pack of 12... so this kid had to wing it. ;)

We got to Landon and Miss Jessica's house for Life Group. This was his masterpiece. :)

As soon as they finished their painting, they moved on to whatever craft they wanted.

3 kids. 3 different crafts. Love it!

After an hour of craft time, we moved on to the cake!  We sang to Olivia, and then she blew out her candles.  She was very excited to get to decorate her cupcake with the sprinkles and mini M&M's!

What kid doesn't love sprinkles!?!  Plus, it's just another form of art!

Olivia ate every single sprinkle on her cake.  No lie.

After everyone finished eating, she handed out the goody bags and that was the end of it.  She had a blast.  She felt so special, and was so happy to have so many of her favorite little friends there.  It was worth all of the prep work, and I think it ended up turning out pretty cute.

We tried to get a picture of everyone with their paintings. This is about the best we could do.  Jace was off to the side crying, which was distracting a few.  But you can still see most of the cute creations. :)

The best family picture we could get.

Happy Birthday, Olivia!


  1. What a great party! And I don't know Ilivia well, mostly from what I read in the blog but it definitely seemed to fit her personality! Sorry we missed out :(

    1. We are sad you guys couldn't make it, but it sounds like you had a great vacation!! See you soon!