Monday, July 25, 2016

Bug Week... er, Day

Back in May when I was planning our summer, multiple weeks of themed fun sounded like a good idea.  And then the actual week came, and we had chores and play dates and quite honestly I didn't feel like pulling out all of the stuff for a half a dozen crafts.  So our "bug week" turned into a "bug day", but the kids still LOVED it.

We started out by playing with some new bug counters that we got.

These were a big hit!

First we started by just exploring.  Then Olivia sorted. She sorted first by type, then we counted them (12 each), and then sorted by color.

Logan hadn't played much with the tweezers or magnifying glass, so he was enthralled.

Bugs are serious business

Then Olivia started making up stories about who was the mom and who was the dad and I had to act out some story line with her for a little while.

ABB pattern

Then we moved on to a bug puzzle.  I got a phone call, and Olivia did the whole puzzle by herself.

Then we moved on to make a special buggy snack.  Logan is crushing oreos.  This kid and his faces.

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?!  He's so yummy!

Can you guess what we're making?

He thought whisking was the coolest.  I should have taken a video.  He was shaking his whole body.  It was hilarious.

Y'all. This kid. Ha ha! 

Our finished product (I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get a picture without her looking half asleep.)  She was very proud of them.  We waited to eat them at dinner with Boppa, and she could not wait.

Bug week day was a success!

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